The James Brown Band


This is the last band James Brown assembled before his death in December of 2006. This exact group traveled with Mr. Brown for 15 years; some of these members were with James Brown for as long as 35 or 40 years. We won’t play anything new; and what’s the point? James Brown has already recorded the best music. He left us with enough to entertain the world for years to come.


Heading up the band as the lead vocalist is James Brown’s trusted friend R.J. He was chosen by Brown to keep the band working and performing as long as possible. While standing at the front of the stage, Brown would often say to R.J., “Man, I got you standing over there because one day you’re going to have to stand right here.” Hollie Farris, Jeff Watkins, Leroy Harper, Waldo Weathers, and Joe Collier are on horns. Keith Jenkins, Robert Watson, Ronald Laster, and Darryel Brown are on guitar. Fred Thomas and Ray Brundrige are on bass. Robert “Mousey” Thompson and Tony Cook are on drums, with George “Spike” Nealy on percussion. Jerry Poindexter is on the keyboard, with Cynthia Moore, Lisa Rushton, Martha Harvin, Amy Christian, Kelly Jarrell and Sheila Wheat are background singers and Yonna Wynne & Shauna Rice as the dancers. Last but not least is M.C. Danny Ray.


R.J. was with Mr. Brown for 40 years, and the two had more than an employee-employer relationship. They were close friends until the day Brown died. No matter what R.J. does and no matter where he goes, he can’t escape James Brown. He is reminded of him everyday in some way or another. Whether on television, radio, or just waking down the street, James Brown’s music is always playing.


So, why not get the band back together and keep this man’s music alive? As members of the James Brown Show, we all want this. His music is all we know and it’s what we enjoy playing. Let’s bring the music back to where it should be: on stage. When you see R.J. and the James Brown Band, close your eyes and listen; you will think James Brown is right up there with the band.